About Us

Welcome to Somercotes Family Dental Centre. The purpose of this practice and its staff is to help you keep your teeth and mouth healthy for life. Our practice is dedicated to providing highly professional & friendly service using modern techniques, and quality materials.  We are also actively involved in the training of prospective Dental staff that may be present at consultations.  Our practice employs very high standards of cross infection control, and we are happy to give full explanations of any of our sterilizing procedures.

Our practice sees all patients NHS and Private. For adults, both fee paying and exempt, dental care is provided on the NHS and/or privately and we provide for the dental needs of your child (U18) patients under the NHS.

Somercotes Family Dental Centre has a team of 2 dentists with varied interests, to include but a few –  Endodontics, Prosthodontics, Tooth Whitening and Cosmetic Dentistry.

To visit our practice, simply make an appointment for you and your family at Somercotes Family Dental Centre, much the same as you would do with your Doctor and enjoy the benefits.

Alternatively, call us on: 01773 609543 or send an email by clicking here

Your First visit

For your first appointment you will need to bring with you a list of any current medications, your doctor’s details and evidence of exemption if you are exempt. At your first appointment the Reception Staff will take your details to enter onto the practice computer system. They will then ask you to complete a Confidential Medical History form. This is to provide us with information which may be relevant to your Dental treatment. It is not normally necessary for us to have access to your previous dental records so please don’t worry about them. You will then be shown to the waiting room and a member of Staff will collect you and take you to your new Dentist.

At the first visit we feel it is more important to get to know you and establish a good relationship therefore unless there is any emergency treatment necessary we confine our first visit to a discussion of your Dental needs (if any), the taking of a history and a thorough Dental examination together with any necessary x-rays.

We will undertake a dental care assessment during your first appointment in order to ascertain and agree your treatment needs. After that you can relax.


Our premises and ground floor surgery is accessible to wheelchairs. We have 2 surgeries located on the ground floor, and an additional 4 surgeries located on the first floor. Our reception and waiting area are open plan and a hearing loop is available if required. If you do have a disability that you think we need to know about, please contact us before your appointment and we will do our best to accommodate your needs

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